Friday, 9 February 2018

Maths Mystery Friday

Class 5 was tasked with solving The Great Jewel Robbery. In order to solve this crime, each pair had to solve 8 mathematical problems and were given a key word after each correct solution. Every team worked hard and thankfully, we were able to crack the final code and hand over the robbers to the police. Well done to everyone for their perseverance in solving this crime.

Archaeology afternoon: Vikings -Raiders or settlers?

Class 5 had an afternoon of comparing primary and secondary sources to get to the truth about the myth of the rampaging, violent Viking. After our investigating, most of us agreed that Vikings were warlike people when they first invaded Britain, but once here, they became comfortable and got on with daily life like other settlers.

Chill Out!

On Thursday 8th of February, Year 4 ventured out to Highfield Park for a glorious day in the wilderness. The children imagined they were Vikings who had recently arrived to Britain and had to build shelters that would protect them from the elements. To keep warm, these Vikings also played rugby and ball games.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Mr Singh visits assembly and Y4

Today Mr Singh talked to us in assembly about what Sikhism means to him. Later on we asked him questions in our classroom and learnt more about the Sikh faith.